Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

Whether you’re a farmer in Manitoba, a chair manufacturer in Ontario or own a tutoring company in Quebec, once your business starts to gain momentum your company must find an effective way to manage its books. Some businesses hire an in-house accountant while others, usually new businesses or small to medium sized businesses, find

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Difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper

The vast amount of people don’t understand the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. However there are very important distinctions between the two and how they affect your personal and/or business decisions. Bookkeepers handle the daily financial records of a small business. They keep the books and monitor every transaction going in and

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The 2020 Online Accountant

What is an online accountant? Are they different from traditional accountants? Do they offer different services? Do they cost more? Do you need to be a computer expert to understand one? Simply put, online accountants embrace today’s technological world thereby making accounting services more convenient and available for their clients. At the same time

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Tips for Working from Home

Hi everyone, many of us are trying to adapt to the new working space online and working from home. There are many challenges from adapting to new software and technology, to working with your kids and family in the background, to having a proper designated space. Whatever your struggles are, we know them, and

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