Tips To Help You Through A Business Shut Down Due To COVID

Shutting your business down is a painful process, COVID or no COVID. It is hard to care enough to follow procedures at times like this, but it is important to do these ten steps so that there are not long-term, lingering implications affecting you.  Step 1 You must collect your receivables before Debtors hear of

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Do You Qualify For CERB If Self Employed?

Most countries, besides the USA and a few others, think they have done the right thing in their approach to COVID-19, medically and economically. Canada is one of the countries that can pat themselves on the back for their pandemic approach. There was a swift response, lots of informative communication, an early lockdown. Health officials

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Transitioning to New Benefits from CERB

Coronavirus has caused so many problems for business owners and individuals across the world, and Canada is no exception to this. Of course, this is something that has had extreme financial repercussions for the future of companies. Luckily, the government has stepped in to provide aid to Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs who need relief

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Home Office Expenses & How to Claim Them Back

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are working from home. And a lot of people are running their own businesses or freelancing from the comfort of home. If you are self-employed, it can often be a challenge to get a handle on your finances in a professional capacity, and this is

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Changes in T4 Requirements for Employers in 2020

COVID-19 continues to cause chaos across the world, but it is also clear that businesses are going to have to evolve and grow in order to stay ahead of the curve. There are a lot of things that play a part in helping your business improve and grow, and this is something you need

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Environmental Benefits of Working Remotely

Coronavirus has changed the world in a lot of ways, and it has had a profound impact on small business accounting and the way we choose to do it. One of the key things to come out of this pandemic is just how many of us have adapted to remote working, and how this

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Things to Consider for your Business after Lockdown

Lockdown has been a tough time for business owners everywhere, and we understand that it has required you to make some business changes. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind, and the world has changed in so many ways, many of which we’re still having to acclimate to. These

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